Import Products & Pricebook Data

Adding a pricebookform another POS to ours is very simple, please read below and I’ve also attached a sample format spreadsheet. This information must be provided prior to the installation. Give the customer the sample format spreadsheet. They should use THIS spreadsheet for their work. The reason is that the UPCs column is purposely made a TEXT FIELD so that leading zeroes don’t get lost. Please remove the 3 sample items.

Click To Download The PriceBook Template

Some information about the columns in the spreadsheet:

UPC – Contains the FULL UPC including any leading zeroes and the check digit at the end (We only allow 8, 12, and 13 digit UPCs)

Department – Contains the actual name of the department you want to use. Capital letters make a difference, so keep the name consistent

Qty – Is the qty for the price entered (e.g 2/100 would be 2 for $1.00). this is normally 1

Cents – Is the price in cents for the total qty. If the item is by weight, then this would be the qty pound price

Incltaxes – Indicates if this item’s price includes taxes. normally this would be ‘n’. to include the tax in the final price entered, use ‘y’

Inclfees – Similar to incltaxes but for fees, normally ‘n’

Name – This is the description of the item stored in the database, shown on the screen, and printed on receipts. keep it short but meaningful

Size – This is the size of the item. we’ve been lax about always including this, but if we implement a per-oz fee someday, this should be correctly entered

EBT – This field specifies whether or not this item is eligible for ebt snap (foodstamp) payment. The options are ‘y’, ‘n’, or blank for same as department

Byweight – Set to ‘y’ if the item is sold by weight and the qty will be pounds and cents will be price for that qty pounds. otherwise set to ‘n’

If you have any questions, please contact us using the form link below.