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Release Notes

POS Release Notes May 2024
  • Rebranding from “BR Club” to “BOSS Club” and “BOSS Local App”
  • BOSS Club New Account Sign-up
  • Changes to the Register Display
  • NRS Purple Payroll Management
  • Loyalty & Redemption Barcode Generation
Panther POS Public Release Notes May 2024
  • New Spinner – Introduced a new spinner design for loading states across the Panther POS. This new design enhances visual feedback during processing and aligns with the overall look-and-feel of Panther POS.
  • Print the Last Receipt – Fixed an issue where receipts could not be printed after selecting Print Last Receipt in certain scenarios, which previously caused app crashes.
  • Additional Walkthroughs added for the Products Main Screen and Modifiers – An additional introductory walkthrough has been added for the
    Products Main Screen and Modifiers system.
  • Reorder receipts table – The order of fields in the receipts table (accessible from the register screen) has been changed.
  • Device Management enhancement – The Device Manager in Panther POS has been enhanced to
    improve its flexibility and functionality.
Panther POS Public Release Notes April 2024
  • Only Support NRS Provisioned PAX Units on Panther POS
  • Timeclock support
  • Account Settings & My Plans and Features
  • Panic Alarm UI Settings
Panther POS Public Release Notes February 2024
  • Cash Discount: GPI mechanism and the full system support for dual pricing.
  • Cash Discount has its own dedicated Panther Cash Discount User Manual.
  • Tipping: allows customers to add a tip as a percentage or a dollar amount.
Panther POS Public Release Notes November 29th, 2023
  • Panic Alarm – Paid Premium Feature. Users can now enable a panic alarm function for added security.
  • Open Cash Drawer – A new command feature allows users to open the cash drawer directly from the register.
  • Contact Support – Users now have easier access to support, including directly calling or messaging the support team via an in-app form.
  • Premium Features Indicator – Premium features within Panther are now marked with a diamond icon, to help identify premium features that are currently provided free of charge.
  • Display quantity-price in the register – For products with a quantity-price (e.g. 1 item for $2.00, 3 items for $5.00), the quantity-price is now displayed in the product details pop-up in the register.
  • Infrastructure upgrades – Infrastructure preparations have been made for the upcoming Cash Discount feature.
  • Simplification of Register Interface
    • The Print Basket option has been removed from the register.
    • Non-functional buttons have been removed from the register (Orders Register options, Customer info, Customer tab).
  • Receipt Enhancements – Daily receipt numbers are now included on printed receipts.
Panther POS Public Release Notes November 2023
  • Scan IDs
  • Creating a new department while creating a product
Panther POS Public Release Notes October 2023
  • Register walkthrough – A comprehensive user walkthrough has been added for new users using the Panther POS register, detailing product searching, one-click products, quick options, and basket management.
  • Scanning barcodes with Tablet camera – It is now possible to use the Android tablet’s camera to scan product UPC/barcodes, in addition to using a barcode scanner.
  • Add products to existing Promotions – It is now possible to add products to existing Promotions created in Panther POS.
  • Status Tray icons for Devices status and Data Sync status – Icons have been added to the status tray to give details of Devices status and Data Sync status.
  • Cash Management Functions – Cash in: Add money to the cash register. Cash out: Remove money from the cash
    register when logging out. Cash drop: Remove money from the cash register while still logged in to the register.
  • Altria Promotions integration – Altria promotions are now fetched and displayed in Panther POS and usable in the register.
POS Cash Discount Release Notes August 2023
  • Cash Discount – The Cash Discount feature replaces the previous program and provides merchants with a fully compliant way of providing a cash discount and credit card prices.
  • Global Price Increase – This setting allows merchants to increase prices for all products from the (cash) price to a credit card (list) price.
  • “Cents off” Promotion Multi-tiered Option – Must-Buy-Qty discount toggle must be selected to support multiple tier-level discounts for the same UPC/PLU item. Tiered discount levels can
    be defined where each tier supersedes the previous tier. Additional tier
    levels can be set up once the minimum quantity defined is reached.
  • Configuring a Multi-tiered MBQ-Discount – To configure a Multi-tiered MBQ-Discount, perform the following steps…
  • POS Touch-screen Test – A touch-screen test has been added to the POS merchant terminal. This
    test allows a merchant on the line with Customer Care to test for screen
    areas that do not respond to touch or are “stuck” to determine issues with
    the touch.
  • Auto Logout – The POS now automatically logs out if it is not used for 3 hours by default. The auto-logout time can be configured to 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, or 4 hours. Alternatively, the auto-logout feature can be disabled, if required.
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POS Cash Discount Release Ozone August 2023
NRS Petro Release Ozone 12-12-2022
NRS Petro Release Ozone 6-8-2022
Release Ozone 2-1-2022
Release Ozone 7-21-2021
Release Ozone 5-19-2021
Release Ozone 2-5-2021
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