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POS Cash Discount Release Notes August 2023
  • Cash Discount – The Cash Discount feature replaces the previous program and provides merchants with a fully compliant way of providing a cash discount and credit card prices.
  • Global Price Increase – This setting allows merchants to increase prices for all products from the (cash) price to a credit card (list) price.
  • “Cents off” Promotion Multi-tiered Option – Must-Buy-Qty discount toggle must be selected to support multiple tier-level discounts for the same UPC/PLU item. Tiered discount levels can be defined where each tier supersedes the previous tier. Additional tier levels can be set up once the minimum quantity defined is reached.
  • Configuring a Multi-tiered MBQ-Discount – To configure a Multi-tiered MBQ-Discount, perform the following steps…
  • POS Touch-screen Test – A touch-screen test has been added to the POS merchant terminal. This test allows a merchant on the line with Customer Care to test for screen areas that do not respond to touch or are “stuck” to determine issues with the touch.
  • Auto Logout – The POS now automatically logs out if it is not used for 3 hours by default. The auto-logout time can be configured to 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, or 4 hours. Alternatively, the auto-logout feature can be disabled, if required.
NRS Petro Release Notes January 2023
  • Post-Pay With Authorization Amount
  • Fuel Authorizations Display on Customer Facing Tape
  • ‘Give Change Now’ Prompts For Change
NRS Pay Cash Discount V2 – December 2022
  • Fully compliant cash discount solution to meet Visa/Mastercard regulations
NRS Petro Release Notes December 2022
  • Quick Receipt for Credit Pre-Authorizations
  • Signature on Credit Pre-Authorization Only
Loyalty Points Release November 2022
  • For stores using our Loyalty feature, we have now added the ability to offer a store “Loyalty Points” program.
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POS Cash Discount Release Ozone August 2023
NRS Petro Release Ozone 12-12-2022
NRS Petro Release Ozone 6-8-2022
Release Ozone 2-1-2022
Release Ozone 7-21-2021
Release Ozone 5-19-2021
Release Ozone 2-5-2021
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