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Release Notes

NRS Petro Release Notes January 2023
  • Post-Pay With Authorization Amount
  • Fuel Authorizations Display on Customer Facing Tape
  • ‘Give Change Now’ Prompts For Change
NRS Pay FeeBU$TER V2 – December 2022
  • Fully compliant cash discount solution to meet Visa/Mastercard regulations
NRS Petro Release Notes December 2022
  • Quick Receipt for Credit Pre-Authorizations
  • Signature on Credit Pre-Authorization Only
Loyalty Points Release November 2022
  • For stores using our Loyalty feature, we have now added the ability to offer a store
    “Loyalty Points” program.
Merchant App Release October 2022
  • Shopping List
  • E-Commerce setting
POS RELEASE NOTES September 2022:
  • Closed Wallet (Customer Tab Enhancement);
  • Loyalty Points
  • SMS Receipts – SMS Receipts is a premium feature that allows merchants to send receipts
    by text message directly from the POS to the customers phone. SMS Receipts is part of
    the Advanced Software plan and also available as an add-on for the Pro and Basic plans.
  • Volume Control through POS – Merchants can now adjust the volume of their POS
    directly from the POS.
  • New Promotion Type: Percent Off – a new promotion type is introduced to the POS which
    allows a merchant to specify a percent discount amount, and designate specific items to be
    eligible for that discount type.
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POS Release Notices

NRS Petro Release Ozone 12-12-2022
NRS Petro Release Ozone 6-8-2022
Release Ozone 2-1-2022
Release Ozone 7-21-2021
Release Ozone 5-19-2021
Release Ozone 2-5-2021
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